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Male essential oil for enlarging and thickening



Herbal extract
Extract effective constituent from herbaceous plants, without hormone and have gentle nature.
No side effect after long term usage.

Product introduction:
Extract from multiple herbaceous plants, have stronger seepage force, can adjust male mechanism effectively, make males recover original normal texture, improve blood circulation of penis, enlarge the length, thickness, hardness of penis, lengthen the time of erection and maintain health protection function.

Main Components: flos magnolia oil, herba epimedii, Peruvian ginseng, sea urchin extract, cortex cinnamomi, aniseed, rosemary, and tea tree oil.

Suitable groups: males who have short penis, impotence or premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction, lower sexual desire, maldevelopment of penis, weak erection, mildly weak ejaculation caused by slower development, etc.

Usage: Take 6-8 drips of this product, smear it on the penis, massage until it is absorbed. Add properly when massaging. Please use it once a day.

Attentions: forbid to be used by juveniles. Men who injure the penis should use it with caution. 

Price List
Quantity Price (USD)
1 42
2 80
3 115
4 150
5 180
6 210
7 235
8 255
9 275
10 300


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